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Tools and Supplies to control backswimmers in your pool or pond
1 Pool Skimmer Net
2 Pool Vacuum
3 Pool Brush
4 Algaecide
5 Pool Shock
6 Pool Thermometer
7 Pool Cover
8 Pool Heater
9 Pool Water Test Kit
10 Pool Chemical Dispenser

How to control backswimmers in your pool or pond

Keep Your Pool or Pond Clear: Learn How to Control Backswimmers

Backswimmers are aquatic insects that are commonly found in pools and ponds. While they are not harmful to humans, they can be a nuisance as they are known to bite and can cause skin irritation. Here are some steps you can take to control backswimmers in your pool or pond:

1. Remove debris: Backswimmers are attracted to debris such as leaves, sticks, and other organic matter. Regularly remove any debris from your pool or pond to prevent backswimmers from making it their home.

2. Maintain proper water chemistry: Backswimmers are more likely to thrive in stagnant or dirty water. Make sure to maintain proper water chemistry by regularly testing and balancing the pH, chlorine, and alkalinity levels in your pool or pond.

3. Install a fountain or waterfall: Backswimmers prefer still water, so installing a fountain or waterfall can help to disrupt their habitat and discourage them from staying in your pool or pond.

4. Use a skimmer: Skimming the surface of your pool or pond with a net can help to remove any backswimmers that are present. It is best to do this early in the morning or late in the evening when backswimmers are most active.

5. Use a pool or pond vacuum: If you have a large number of backswimmers in your pool or pond, using a pool or pond vacuum can help to remove them. Be sure to vacuum the bottom of the pool or pond as well as the surface.

6. Use an insecticide: If all else fails, you can use an insecticide specifically designed to control backswimmers. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and use the recommended amount.

By following these steps, you can effectively control backswimmers in your pool or pond and enjoy a more pleasant swimming or recreational experience.

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