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Tools and Supplies to prevent backswimmers from infesting your pond
1 Pond Skimmer Net
2 Pond Vacuum
3 Pond Water Test Kit
4 Floating Row Cover
5 Pond Aerator
6 Pond Algaecide
7 Pond Bacteria
8 Pond Filter
9 Pond Heater
10 Pond Thermometer

How to prevent backswimmers from infesting your pond

Stop Backswimmers in Their Tracks: Tips for a Pest-Free Pond

Backswimmers are a common pest in ponds that can cause harm to other aquatic life and make swimming unpleasant. Here are some steps you can take to prevent backswimmers from infesting your pond:

1. Keep your pond clean: Backswimmers are attracted to dirty water, so it's important to keep your pond clean. Remove any debris, such as leaves or branches, that may have fallen into the water. Use a skimmer or net to remove any floating debris.

2. Install a fountain or waterfall: Backswimmers prefer still water, so installing a fountain or waterfall can help keep them away. The movement of the water will make it less appealing for them to live in your pond.

3. Add plants: Aquatic plants can help prevent backswimmers from infesting your pond. They provide shade and shelter for other aquatic life, which will make it less attractive for backswimmers. Additionally, plants can help improve the water quality of your pond.

4. Use a pond liner: If you're starting a new pond, consider using a pond liner. Backswimmers can lay their eggs on the bottom of the pond, so a liner can prevent them from doing so.

5. Use a biological control: If you have a severe backswimmer infestation, you can use a biological control. Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (BTI) is a bacteria that targets the larvae of backswimmers. It's safe for other aquatic life and won't harm humans.

6. Use a physical control: If you don't want to use a biological control, you can use a physical control. A fine mesh net can be used to remove backswimmers from your pond. Be sure to dispose of them far away from your pond.

By following these steps, you can prevent backswimmers from infesting your pond and enjoy a clean and healthy aquatic environment.

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