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Tools and Supplies to use a pool skimmer to remove backswimmers
1 Pool skimmer net
2 Telescopic pool pole
3 Pool vacuum head
4 Pool vacuum hose
5 Backswimmer removal tool (optional)

How to use a pool skimmer to remove backswimmers

Say Goodbye to Backswimmers: Learn How to Use a Pool Skimmer in 3 Easy Steps

Backswimmers are a common nuisance in swimming pools, especially during the summer months. These insects can bite and cause irritation to swimmers, making it important to remove them from the pool as soon as possible. A pool skimmer is a useful tool for removing backswimmers from your pool. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use a pool skimmer to remove backswimmers.

Step 1: Identify the Backswimmers
Before you can use a pool skimmer to remove backswimmers, you need to identify them. Backswimmers are small insects that swim on their backs and have long legs that they use to paddle through the water. They are usually found on the surface of the water, but can also be found at the bottom of the pool.

Step 2: Position the Skimmer
Once you have identified the backswimmers, you need to position the skimmer in the pool. The skimmer should be placed near the backswimmers, but not too close as this can scare them away. Hold the skimmer handle firmly and keep it steady.

Step 3: Skim the Surface
Using a gentle sweeping motion, skim the surface of the water with the skimmer. Be sure to move the skimmer slowly and steadily, so as not to scare away the backswimmers. The goal is to gently scoop up the backswimmers into the skimmer net.

Step 4: Remove the Backswimmers
Once you have scooped up the backswimmers into the skimmer net, remove them from the pool. You can do this by lifting the skimmer out of the water and shaking it gently over a trash can or other container. Be sure to dispose of the backswimmers properly.

Step 5: Repeat the Process
To ensure that you have removed all the backswimmers from your pool, you may need to repeat the skimming process several times. Be patient and persistent, as it may take some time to remove all the backswimmers.

In conclusion, using a pool skimmer to remove backswimmers from your pool is a simple and effective way to keep your pool clean and safe for swimmers. By following these steps, you can easily remove backswimmers from your pool and enjoy a bug-free swimming experience.

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