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Tools and Supplies to keep backswimmers away from your swimming area
1 Pool Skimmer Net
2 Pool Brush
3 Pool Vacuum
4 Pool Cover
5 Pool Algaecide
6 Pool Shock Treatment
7 Pool Clarifier
8 Pool Filter Cartridge
9 Pool Water Test Kit
10 Pool Thermometer

How to keep backswimmers away from your swimming area

Keep Your Swimming Area Safe: Tips for Keeping Backswimmers at Bay

Backswimmers are common insects found in swimming pools, ponds, and other bodies of water. They are known for their painful bites, which can cause skin irritation and even lead to infection. If you want to keep backswimmers away from your swimming area, here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Keep the pool clean

Backswimmers are attracted to dirty water, so keeping your pool clean is essential. Skim the pool regularly to remove any debris, such as leaves, bugs, and grass clippings. Use a pool vacuum to clean the bottom of the pool and scrub the sides to remove any algae or other buildup.

Step 2: Keep the water moving

Backswimmers prefer still water, so keeping the water moving can help keep them away. Consider installing a fountain, waterfall, or other water feature to keep the water moving. You can also run your pool filter more frequently to keep the water circulating.

Step 3: Use a pool cover

If you're not using your pool, consider using a pool cover to keep backswimmers out. A pool cover will also keep debris out of the pool, which can attract backswimmers.

Step 4: Use insect repellent

If you're swimming in an area where backswimmers are common, consider using insect repellent. Apply the repellent to your skin and clothing before entering the water. Make sure to follow the instructions on the label and reapply as needed.

Step 5: Use a pool skimmer

If you see backswimmers in your pool, use a pool skimmer to remove them. You can also use a pool net to scoop them out of the water. Make sure to dispose of them properly, as they can survive out of the water for several hours.

By following these steps, you can keep backswimmers away from your swimming area and enjoy a clean, safe pool. Remember to keep your pool clean, keep the water moving, use a pool cover, use insect repellent, and use a pool skimmer if you see backswimmers in the water.

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