Say Goodbye to Backswimmers: Effective Tips to Keep Your Pool Bug-Free

Get Rid of Backswimmers" is a comprehensive guide that provides effective solutions to eliminate backswimmers from your swimming pool or pond. With easy-to-follow tips and techniques, you can enjoy a pest-free aquatic environment in no time. is supported by readers and may earn an affiliate commission.

# 1

BioGuard Back Up 2 - Pool Algaecide (1 qt, Pack of 2)
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Double the Protection with BioGuard Back Up 2 - 2 Pack (1 qt Each)

- Effective Algaecide: BioGuard Back Up 2 is an effective algaecide that helps to prevent and control the growth of algae in your pool, spa or hot tub. It can quickly and easily eliminate all types of algae, including green, black and mustard.
- Long-Lasting Protection: This product provides long-lasting protection against algae growth, ensuring that your pool, spa or hot tub remains clean and clear for an extended period of time. It can provide up to three months of protection against algae.

# 2

Pool Algae Control Kit

Say Goodbye to Algae and Scum Buildup with BioGuard Algae Complete - The Ultimate Pool Solution with LeisureQuip ScumBoat and Pool Log Book.

- Effective Algae Control: BioGuard Algae Complete Swimming Pool Algaecide is highly effective in controlling and preventing all types of algae growth in swimming pools. It eliminates existing algae and prevents future growth.
- Scum Absorber: The LeisureQuip ScumBoat Scum Absorber is a great addition to the package as it helps to absorb oils, lotions, and other debris that accumulate on the water surface, leaving your pool looking clean and clear.