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BioGuard Back Up 2 - Pool Algaecide (1 qt, Pack of 2)
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Protect Your Pool with BioGuard Back Up 2 - Get 2 Quarts for Extra Peace of Mind!

- Easy to Use: BioGuard Back Up 2 is easy to use and can be added directly to your pool, spa or hot tub without any complicated mixing or measuring. Simply follow the instructions on the label and add the appropriate amount of product to your water.
- Compatible with Other Chemicals: This product is compatible with other BioGuard pool and spa chemicals, making it easy to incorporate into your existing maintenance routine. It can be used with chlorine, bromine, saltwater systems and more, ma

BioGuard Back Up 2 (1 qt) (2) is a powerful algaecide that is designed to keep your swimming pool crystal clear and algae-free. This product is specially formulated to work in all types of swimming pools, including those with salt water systems. The active ingredient in BioGuard Back Up 2 is copper sulfate, which is known for its ability to kill algae quickly and effectively. This product is also easy to use – simply add it to your pool according to the instructions on the label. With BioGuard Back Up 2, you can enjoy a clean and clear swimming pool all season long. So if you want to keep your pool looking its best, be sure to add BioGuard Back Up 2 to your pool maintenance routine.